Spaghetti in tricolor sauce


Made with

(for 4 people)
350 g whole wheat or spelled spaghetti
400 g fresh ripe tomatoes
200 g Bio Oat Cuisine
4 tablespoons of pesto
1 small shallot
a handful of pinenuts
to decorate the dishes

For the pesto:
40 g of basil
60 g of EVO oil
20 g of shelled walnuts
20 g of pine nuts
1 clove of garlic
a pinch of salt


Make the pesto by blending the walnuts and pine nuts in the blender, reducing them to the size of grains, then add in the garlic minus its inner core, the oil and finally the basil leaves and salt.
Blanch the tomatoes for a minute and then peel them and remove the seeds and water inside.
Fry the finely chopped shallots in a pan with a little oil, then add the diced tomato pulp and cook for a few minutes with a pinch of salt. Pour in Bio Oat Cuisine and leave to simmer for a further minute. Finally turn off the heat and add the pesto, stirring constantly.
Cook the pasta al dente, drain it and mix well with the sauce. Serve with the previously pan-roasted pine nuts and fresh basil leaves.