What else?

A cereal drink is a dairy alternative beverage. A plant based drink processed through cereals, nuts or seeds. In terms of structure a cereal drink is similar to milk and it generally contains approximately 20 % of raw materials and 80 % of water.

No… we don’t want to safe money adding little amounts of Almonds or Hazelnuts to our products. There are two good reasons for this formula:
1- With a high percentage of raw material the drink would become dense and less tasty
2- Imagine we would use the amount of rice of a Risotto for your drink: the result would be a calorie bomb and would not be healthy anymore

We don’t add any sweeteners to our rice drinks. It’s our production process that enhances the natural part of sugar in rice, cooking the rice slowly for a long time in mountain spring water.

Our philosophy is to produce our drinks as simple as possible, adding only the minimum quantity of ingredients necessary. Our rice drink natural for example only contains:
1- Rice
2- Mountain spring water
3- Oil and salt

The very view drinks we developed for who loves sweeter tastes, contain a small amount of apple juice or grape juice.

Please notice that even our Almond drinks will soon be reformulated and will contain grape sugar instead of cane sugar.

Being a dessert, our desserts are very healthy. But still. We think a dessert should be a dessert and therefore add a small amount of cane sugar to the recipes.

We use the finest organic, Italian rice and regularly test our drinks batches for arsenic. In more than 20 years we have never come across an issue.

We do not add any artificial emulsifiers, additives, or preservatives to our drinks and therefore the ingredients do sometimes separate a little. You may notice some spots on the surface of the products. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal, the drink has not gone bad, mostly it’s sufficient if you shake it a little.

Costa Coffee is using our products so… yes you can. The drinks that work best for this purpose are: Rice Almond, the Almond drinks, Rice natural and Soya natural. In case they do split a little bit, it’s due to the extreme temperature difference and the acidity. Waiting for your tea or coffee to cool slightly before adding the drink helps.

No, we don’t. The calcium we are using is deriving from seaweeds naturally growing in Island. Once the seaweed dies it calcifies. Only at this stage it is processed.

Our drinks are not nutritional replacements to milk and aren’t suitable as a substitute for breast milk or weaning milk. Vegetable drinks can be inserted into the baby’s natural feeding after weaning. So this age is variable. From 18 to 24 months, the child can supplement his diet with all vegetable drinks, without causing damage to health. There are many advantages due to the fact that after the weaning lactose is no longer digestible by the child, moreover of bovine origin. As for all nutrients, many vegetable drinks provide minerals, calcium and iron, vitamins and proteins suitable for the proper development of the human body, so it is possible to vary the diet using different types, without any limitation. The conviction that without a baby’s milk the child does not have a suitable supply of calcium and iron and proteins is wrong. Some types of diseases are often due to excess of dairy products (milk crust, allergies and intolerances, stomach ache, diarrhea, mucus and recurrent phlegm). They decrease in a short time, and with surprising results, with the substitution of animal milk with vegetable drinks.

The TetraPak cartons can be recycled, but please have a look at your specific country regulations.