Halloween Biscuits


(for 8 biscuit-sandwich)
16 Digestive biscuits
200 ml of Bio Oat Drink Natural
20 g of brown sugar
3,5 g of agar agar
50 ml of Bio Oat Cuisine
50 g of icing sugar
2 spoons of cold water
sugared dark chocolate buttons and chocolate chips to decorate to taste

Made with


In a blender, blend the Bio Oat Drink Natural with the sugar and agar agar. Bring the mix to the boil for one minute and allow to cool. Blend the resulting gel with the Bio Oat Cuisine and stuff the biscuits.
Mix the icing sugar with the cold water and use the icing to decorate the biscuits, creating the teeth and attaching the buttons and chocolate chips to give birth to the eyes.