Fava bean purée with chicory


400 g of peeled, dried fava beans
400 g of chicory
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
1.5 litres of spelt drink
2-3 bay leaves
1 dry Senise red pepper
8 slices of durum wheat bread

Made with


Soak the fava beans in cold water for about 12 hours, then cook them in a pot together with the bay leaves for at least a couple of hours, adding spelt drink every now and then, until the fava beans soften and the mixture takes on a purée-like consistency. In the meantime, clean the chicory well and remove the white part, then blanch in salted water for a few minutes, and strain as soon as it gets soft. Place the fava beans and chicory in a bowl, dress with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, the dry Senise red pepper and serve with a few slices of durum wheat bread.