Energy smoothie


For the smoothie:
250 ml of Bio Rice Drink Cocoa
2 ripe pears
60 g of cashews soaked in water overnight
30 g of agave syrup
Cinnamon powder to taste qb

For the chocolate sauce:
100 ml of Rice drink Cocoa
50 g of dark chocolate 70%


Made with


For the smoothie
Peel and core the pears and cut them into cubes. Keep some aside for the final decoration and pour the rest into a mug together with the rice drink, the cashews, the maple syrup and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Blend at maximum power with an immersion blender until you get a velvety, frothy consistency.

For the chocolate sauce
Heat the rice drink, chop the dark chocolate with a knife and add it to the hot drink, stirring very well.

Pour the still-warm chocolate sauce over the rim of a glass or glass cup and let it run down the sides. Then pour in the smoothie and finish with a sprinkling of cinnamon and the pear cubes.