Cocoa Shortcrust Baskets


(for about 10-12 baskets)

For the shortcrust pastry:

130 g type 1 flour
70 g rice flour
15 g bitter cocoa
50 g brown sugar
60 g of Bio Soya Drink Natural
50 g vegetable margarine
1 pinch of salt

For the mousse:

2 jars of Bio Dessert Oat Vanilla
300 g vegetable alternative to whipping cream
200 g fresh blackberries
Blackberry jam to taste

Made with


For the shortcrust pastry, combine the flours, cocoa, sugar and salt and mix well with a whisk. Add the cold margarine in pieces and knead with hands until you obtain a moist, uniform sand. Add Bio Drink Soya Natural and knead the dough briefly with your hands. Wrap in cling film and put it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Roll out the shortcrust pastry with a rolling pin to about 3-4 mm and use a pastry cutter to form disks. Place the disks in a greased and well-floured muffin tin, pressing the pastry well with the fingers. Pierce the bottom and edges with a fork and bake at 170° for about 15-18 minutes. Allow to cool and remove from the moulds.
For the mousse, whip the vegetable cream until stiff and add the Bio Dessert Oat Vanilla, stirring from top to bottom with a spatula. Place it in a piping bag. Stuff the bottom of the baskets with a teaspoon of blackberry jam and top with the vanilla mousse. Finish with a fresh blackberry.