Chocolate Salami


(for 4 people)
250 g dark chocolate
120 g Bio Rice Drink Cacao
100 g Bio Coconut Cuisine
40 g coconut oil
50 g cocoa
150 g cane sugar or maple strip
300 g vegan biscuits
60 g walnuts
60 g hazelnuts
10 dates
10 dried apricots ⁠

Made with


Heat the Rice Drink Cacao, the coconut cream and the cane sugar together. Then add the chocolate and mix well with a spatula to obtain a thick, smooth and shiny cream.
Separately, coarsely chop all the dried fruits and break the biscuits in half.

Once the cream has almost cooled, pour in the biscuits and the dried fruits.
Mix well. Lay a sheet of aluminium foil on the workbench and a sheet of clingfilm on top. Pour in the dough, giving it as long a shape as possible. Roll up the sheets and pinch the two ends together until the typical salami shape is obtained. Leave to rest in the fridge for a few hours. Once removed from the foil, dust with cocoa and cut into slices.