Exotic Salad


(for 4 people)
200g natural tofu
2 teaspoons fresh grinded ginger
2 tablespoons Tamari sauce
150 g Bio Coco cuisine
2 limes
2 mangos
2 avogados
300 g brasilian lettuce (iceberg)
handful aronia berries ( or sesame)
olive oil and salt to taste

Made with


Slice the tofu into cubes and marinate for 4/5 hours with ginger, Tamari sauce and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Stir fry both the tofu and the marinade until lightly crusted. Cut up both the mango and the avocado into cubes, add lime and salt. Slice up the lettuce and arrange it on the bottom of the plates. Add mango, avocado and tofu. Flavor the Bio Coco Cuisine with 1 tablespoon of lime, a pinch of salt and a tiny bit of grated lemon rind and pour it over the dish. Finish off with some olive oil and the Aronia berries.