Cheese Fake


(for 4 people)
For the upper part
120 g of aquafaba
150 g of sugar
10 g of agar-agar
300 g of mixed berries
200 g of almond drink
For the base
300 g of dry vegan cookies
80 g of coconut butter or vegetable margarine

Made with


To begin, line a round cake tin about 21 cm in diameter with parchment paper. Crumble the cookies and mix them with the coconut oil (having previously softened it by heating). Spread the mixture onto the bottom of the baking tin, making this layer as even as possible. Place it in the refrigerator to harden. Simmer the agar-agar together with the almond drink for 3 minutes, then let it cool. Combine the aquafaba with the sugar and whip for at least 20 minutes, using a stand mixer or an electric whisk. Mix the warm almond drink into the whipped aquafaba, being careful not to disassemble it too much. Now, take the cake tin out of the fridge and pour in your mixture. Refrigerate until your cake has become nice and solid, then top it with a sauce made by blending all the berries together.