So the much anticipated third prize has arrived! Thanks to the technological innovation that accompanied the growth process of The Bridge, we close the year with another welcome recognition.

Make it for a new production plant construction between 2015 and 2016, make it for the business volume growth that forced us to change the data management system, adopting an internationally recognized ERP … fact is that the increasing care in terms of data and traceability, both financial and of raw materials, has nourish this new achievement.

Real time management of multiple data has brought us a brand new outlook. An example among all: the warehouse. It can be intelligently supplied thanks to real time tracing of consumption and raw materials supply, giving the ability to take advantage of market buying opportunities.

In a near future, purchase costs will be monitored, analyzing historical trends, industrial inputs and distribution. Furthermore, the information of the analysis obtained from a production management control has led to the analytical planning of a structured and traceable lot, improving in terms of time and efficiency.

In 2017-18 we decided to internalize logistics management by opening a new facility that handles over 300 pallets per day, we have installed devices ( Smartphones) that brought great advantage in managing and speeding up the shipping process, quickly pinpointing the pallets and the ready-to ship material location .

Paolo Negro Marcigaglia, CEO of The Bridge, is pleased to receive the “SMAU 2018 Innovation Award”, honoured by this notable award.